Carmilla: Season One Bundle - Remastered!

Carmilla: Season One Bundle - Remastered!

We love Season One. We really do. We didn't love the sound, though, as it never went through a proper sound mix when we originally put it on YouTube. So we went through a full re-cut and remix of the 36 episodes, with proper dialogue mixing, music and a couple different cuts here and there. Enjoy!

In this pack of goodies you'll find:

- All 36 remastered Season One episodes
- An extended scene from Episode One that never made it
- Additional takes for episodes 2, 3, 16, 17, 21, 27, 28 and of course, 36. Relive the soy melk, the waltz and the finale kiss in slightly different ways...
- A "bits & bobs" video compiling miscellaneous moments on set. Some weird and gay stuff here.
- A Laura In The Loop style Season One yearbook with unreleased behind the scenes photos
- Season One vintage promo photos

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Carmilla: Season One Bundle - Remastered!

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